Orock Thomas Eyong

Orock Thomas Eyong (Buea, Southwest, Cameroon)

Orock Thomas Eyong

Ambassador since: October 2016

Why did you choose to become a Ball To All ambassador?

In Cameroon, football has become a passion and the fastest means of bringing people together especially children.  Just throw a ball on the ground and within seconds, you find children around it.  A ball in Cameroon is to children just as sugar is to ants.  Despite its importance and popularity, many children both in urban and rural areas still lack balls to play with. They still depend but on crude balls made out of dried plantain leafs or other materials.

Being a development worker with over fifteen years of experience in Community/Sports for Development work and Host to FIFA Football for Hope Centre in Cameroon really makes me a competent person to become Ball To All Ambassador in Cameroon. My wide knowledge of Community Development work, Outreach services and passion for Sports makes me apt for the job of Ball to All Ambassador.

My organization received 11,070 Chevrolet balls from One World Futbol Project for distribution in Cameroon and it was effectively done under my leadership. My organization also worked with Coaches Across Continents.  Belonging to and heading a well structured/experienced organization with good track records in Sports for Development work and education makes me very qualified for the job.  With transportation means in place at the level of my organization, my job of making balls available as Ball To All Ambassador to deprived children will be easier.

All the above really give me the edge and reason to become Ball To All Ambassador.