Thank you for your interest in Ball To All

Thank you for your interest in Ball To All

At we have a simple premise. We think that keeping kids busy with something fun to do – will help them grow healthy and happy and at the same time, avoid trouble.

Saint Jerome, who lived until September 30, 420 AD wrote this in Latin in one of his letters:

“Fac et aliquid operis, ut semper te diabolus inveniat occupatum”

Meaning: Do something, so that the devil may always find you busy

Geoffrey Chaucer, who lived until October 25, 1400 wrote this in old English in Tale of Melibee:

“Dooth somme goode dedes that the devel, which is oure enemy, ne fynde yow nat unocupied.”

In plain English, Idle hands are the devil’s tools.

I founded this charity based a simple premise – kids will keep themselves busy with something fun to do – will grow to be happy world citizens.  Most people want “world peace”, yet many aorund the world do not have basic means to grow up happy and joyous…  Imagine kids who have nothing, and nothing to do… Is the risk of them getting into trouble greater? Is the risk of them being sawayed by extremism greater?  Is the risk of them feeling that “no one cares”, thus, why should they care – is greater?

It dawned on me that many kids around the world don’t have the basic needs to keep themselves busy with something fun to do.  It is a simple problem, with a simple solution.

Another thought one day came to my mind – the ancient word in Hebrew for balls is “Kadoorim”.  The same word also means in our day and age, bullets.  I guess that the round bullets, used in muskets from centuries ago gave the word ball the same meaning.  Anohter word in Hebrew is Kadoor HaAretz, which means “Ball of the Land”, which is Earth.  So, I thought about it for while… maybe it could be that instead of countries and people shooting bullets, we ought to be shooting soccer balls at each other.

One day in early 2013, I asked Nikolas Mangu, one of my colleagues who grew up in Kenya what was the most fun thing to do when he was a kid.  Playing soccer, of course, it is the world most popular sport.  However, growing in Kenya with limited means, brought kids to improvise and make soccer balls out of anything they could find.

In May of 2013, Nik was about to go back home to Kenya, on his annual vacation.  I asked him if he would do me a favor, and deliver five soccer balls to the same school he went to when he was a kid.  He obliged and so began what grew to become Ball To All.

I took my kids to a local store in Scottsdale, and we bought five balls.  My kids had fun sitting on them, as we had to deflate them before shipping them to Nik.  We also got a pump, so the balls could be inflated once in Kenya.

The rest as they say, is history.

Nik, and his parents delviered the balls to the Kathese Primary School, and it was a momentus occasion.  All the kids were taking out of class into a general assembley to welcome their soccer balls.  Nik, Gideon and Jenifer Mangu have become our first Ball To All Ambassadors in Kenya.

After posting the pictures on our young an budding website, support started pouring in, and the idea resonated with people who heard about this simple cause, solving a simple problem, using a simple solution.  Ron Eisen became our second ambasasdor in Zimbabwe and delivered balls to the Zimids orphange and then some.  After that we got requests to help deliver balls to kids in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Jordan, West Bank and so on.

If you like the idea of Ball To All, here is how you can help:

  • We are looking for ambassadors around the world, who will help bring the vision of “Every Kid Can Have a Ball”.
  • We are looking for partners who will help get our cost of buying the balls in bulk and ship them around the world.  If you know a local distributor, or a compnay that manufactures balls – bring it on.
  • We are looking for donations, $20 can help bring a ball to a kid who never had one – if you have a better use of $20, please let us know!
  • We are looking for sponsors who will lend their celebrity and reach to help drum-up more donations for kids all over the world.  If you know a celebrity who is into sports, charity, world peace or just doing good?  Bring it on


Thank you for your interest in Ball To All, and I hope to see you as one of our supporters: ambassadors, partner, donor, sponsor and however you think you can help!


Ori Eisen, Founder



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