Get a Ball

Before you make your request, a few things to know:

We need to have a local ambassador, that is within 25km from your location to deliver.  Unless you find on the map an ambassador – we can not deliver to you.

To see where we deliver click here

When you find an icon of an ambassador (guy with wheelbarrow with soccer balls) – please click on the icon to see the name of the ambassador.

In the form below please type in the name of the closest ambassador to you.

1) We deliver soccer balls on a first-come first-serve basis. When you make a request, we will add you to the queue in your country, and the local ambassador will be in touch with you.
2) It may take a few weeks until the local ambassador will get to your delivery, so please be patient. We are all volunteers at Ball To All.
3) If we do not have a local ambassador in your country yet, we will not be able to make a delivery.
4) After you make a request, your local ambassador will be your main contact going forward, so please maintain all communications with them.
5) We typically donate few soccer balls per delivery, as we are working with a limited budget.

Get a Ball
Fill out this form to get ball/s for children who never had one