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Thank you for your interest in Ball To All, and in our ambassador program.  The role of an ambassador is to extend the reach of our cause to every corner of the world.

You should consider taking this role if you are an adult, responsible person, trustworthy, enjoy giving back to society and have the spare time to do so.  This role is for volunteers and does not include payment for your time and efforts.  Every Ball To All staff member and volunteer is doing it for the joy of giving back to society, including the founder.

Who Can Become a Ball To All Ambassador?

You need to be of legal age in your country, in most countries its over 18 years old.

You need to be responsible and trustworthy with money.

You need to prove your identity with a government issued id.

You need to be energetic, passionate, and love working with kids

Before you apply, and go through our screening process – please review this checklist:

  1. I am over 18 years old, and can provide a copy of a government issued id.
  2. I have no criminal background, and will pass a background check.
  3. I am trustworthy with money, and can keep accurate records.
  4. I know how to use the Internet: email, Google Sheets, take pictures/videos and upload them to Google Drive.
  5. I can purchase soccer balls locally at a wholesaler, when I get funding, and I can negotiate wholesale prices.
  6. I can follow rules and instructions.
  7. I am good and patient with children.
  8. I can spend 2 hours a week on Ball To All as a volunteer ambassador.
  9. I will only make deliveries myself, in my community, and will not delegate others to do so.
  10. I want to see change in my community, and want to give soccer balls to kids who can not afford one.

If you answered YES to everything on the check list – please apply below.

As we are all volunteers, expect a response usually over the weekend, be patient 🙂

Become a Ball to All Ambassador
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