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Role and Responsibilities of a Ball To All Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in Ball To All, and in our ambassador program.  The role of an ambassador is to extend the reach of our cause to every corner of the world, by providing local knowledge and assistance.

You should consider taking this role if you enjoy giving back to society and have the spare time to do so.  This role is done pro-bono and does not include payment for your time and efforts.  Every Ball To All volunteer is doing it for the joy of giving back to society, including the founding ambassadors.


Who Can Become a Ball To All Ambassador?

You need to be of legal age in your country, in most countries its over 18 years old.

You need to be responsible and trustworthy with money.

You need to be energetic, passionate, and love working with kids.

You need to be willing to work an area that is within 25 miles/40 km of where you live, and deliver a ball to every child in that area that has never had one, and anywhere else you are comfortable traveling to.


To Become a Ball To All Ambassador:


  1. Fill out the application form below
  2. Pass our screening process
  3. You can now begin ­čÖé



The Ambassador Role and Responsibilities Check List:

  1. Make a list of kids who never had a ball and their organizations (schools/orphanage/street kids etc.)
  2. Fill out one request per delivery on get a ball request form
  3. Receive an email confirmation of your request
  4. Get your funds to buy balls locally, or we will ship them to you
  5. Take picture of the purchase receipt, if we ship you the balls take picture of shipping label as the receipt of goods
  6. Arrange time for the balls delivery with the kids/organizations
  7. Inflate the soccer balls before the delivery
  8. Take pictures and/or videos of the delivery with kids smiling and holding their ball ­čÖé
  9. Email us the pictures/videos of the delivery with kids holding their ball, the picture of the receipt and the date/location/number of balls delivered
  10. Go back to step 1 until ÔÇťEvery Kid Can Have A BallÔÇŁ

As our motto is Every Kid Can Have A Ball, try to arrange deliveries where all the kids get a ball.  It is not our goal to provide one soccer ball to a school of 200 kids…

Become a Ball to All Ambassador

  •   Western Union
      Visa/MC Pre-Paid card